How Long Is An Insurance Producer’s License Valid: For Agents In 2022

Last Updated On: February 2, 2022

When you register for a license whether it is a new license or an old one, it comes with an expiration date. Here, once it reaches that expiration date, you’ll need to renew the license for it to have a proper validity. Similarly, the case is same for the insurance agents license as well. Once the license is obtained, used and reached its expiry date, the agent needs to renew it. So, for new insurance agents, the question of how long is an insurance producer’s license valid may arise.  Generally, your producer’s license has a validity period of 2 years after which it must be renewed. Since we are on the topic of insurance producer’s license, you may want to learn about how to become insurance producer. 

According to LawInfo, insurance agents born in even number year renew their license on their birthday in the even number year and agents who were born in odd number years renew their license in the same fashion as well. Next, now that we know about when an insurance producer’s license needs renewing, let’s look at how the renewal process is going to look like. Meanwhile, you should also check out how to find an agent and how to find the customers insurance needs.

How Long Is An Insurance Producer’s License Valid: Process Of Getting A Producer’s License 

Likewise, while the expiry date of a license may vary in few states, generally, an insurance producer’s license is valid for 2 years. After two years, every producer must renew their license to work legally. Here, there are two different processes of getting a license. One is for a resident license and the other is for a non-resident license. Let’s take a look at both processes. You can also take a quick look at what is insurance broker and how to start an insurance agency 

Getting a Resident License 

The basic requirements are: 

  • Producer must be 18 years or older. 
  • Must have a Social Security Number (SSN). 
  • Similarly, must be a resident of that particular state/city. 
  • You must take and pass any applicable licensing exam 
  • Also, Submit an application and required licensing fee online 
  • Must be fingerprinted 
  • Furthermore, must meet the character requirement mentioned by the law. 
how long is an insurance producer's license valid

Furthermore, if you want to know the scenario of how long does it take to get licensed to sell insurance, you can reach out to us. 

Getting a Nonresident License 

The basic requirements are:

  • Must get licensed in a good standing in home state for all lines for which you are applying 
  • Likewise, Submit an application and required licensing fee online 


Overall, an ethical insurance producer should always work with a valid license. Using a license after it is expired can be considered a criminal offense and you can be charged for such illegal usage. So, you must always make sure that you have a valid license and renewed. 

become insurance producer
become insurance producer

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