How Old Do You Have To Be To Get An Insurance License

Starting a career in the insurance industry can be an attractive and lucrative opportunity for freshers and experienced professionals. But firstly, before you begin to work as one, you must meet some specific requirements and obtain an insurance agent license. You must learn about how old do you have to be to get an insurance license, what type of education is needed, and the costs it takes. To work as a licensed insurance agent, you must at least be 18 years old. You’ll also need a pre-licensing education for which you must complete a specific number of hours.  

Since we know a little about the pre-requisites of the topic, let’s find out how to become an insurance agent in detail. Meanwhile, you should also learn about the ways to become insurance producer. 

We can also let you know how much is the insurance license exam so you can prepare early. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get An Insurance License: Age and Other Important Factors  

So, as we have mentioned before that you have to be 18 years or older to work as a licensed insurance agent, besides age, there are other factors that you might need to know about. If you’re are ready to take on the world of insurance, here are some basic steps for you: 

  1. Decide what type of insurance you want to sell 

You must decide what type of insurance you want to specialize in. According to Wikipedia, the most common type of insurance is property insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and personal line insurance.  

how old do you have to be to get an insurance license

2. Decide what kind of agent you want to become 

There are two types of insurance agents: captive and independent. Captive agents are tied with only one company, whereas independent agents work with more than one company. While researching about it, you should also learn about the kinds of customers insurance needs. 

  1. Research on your state’s licensing requirements 

Research about the pre-requisites of licensing requirements of your state. For instance: the minimum age, the number of hours to spend, and the cost. While you are at this, you should also check out our insurance blog to learn more about insurance. 

  1. Pass the agent’s exams and apply at insurance agencies 


An insurance agent is a very appealing career for people who are new as well as experienced in this sector. You’ll often find yourself asking the questions like how to become and insurance agent and how old do you have to be to get an insurance license. To know more about becoming and agent, you should check how to become an become insurance agent. Likewise, you might also be interested in learning about how to become an insurance agent. You should also know about independent insurance brokerage firm and insurance claim. 

become insurance producer
become insurance producer